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flickers of light so much to consume
doing what is wrong to prove society right
making love in the middle of the day but to whom
your whispers sending out messages for doors to open

flicker of light so much to consume
being a drift and bending like a spoon
refraction in real life
helping one to stand up and be complete
would you hold my hand

your bones crunching the ground
you pick up a gun and shoot it
who did i hit but a mere shadow of your former self.
tenderness through touching leaves a picture of passion without regret
having the best of what is

can one resemble the truth about how or does it resemble what you think
those words i have said and those words i have not
make a book of sickness and health
hence the devotion one has to be a new person entering a room
saying this and saying that are you going to hold my hand or walk away

going to the river and throw a stone it skips twice and thats it
but the third time it sank and the water washed the mirror away

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