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my summer of lesbian love - Poetry Group

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Let me begin with moonlight white skin,
Baby with fawn staring,
Heartbeats rapid in unison,
Darkness the blanket,
Roaring thunder
Soft swish of grains
Rough cut of stone
Salt in air
Golden intertwined with midnight
The poison beginning to rise
Two bodies joined as one
Poetry whispered
Moonlight watches
The poison is injected
Runs riot down veins
Souls touch
Pulses race
Touch is electric
The forbidden is euphoric
Mutual temptation
Forces collide
Soft roses caress
Tongues taste poison
Addicted to the taste
Senses alert
Loins aching
Locked in deadly passion
Until a pearl is found




awesome poem when two lovers join you really got that across congrats on your writing you have a gift that should be shared have you ever thought about publishing


the first poem that i wrote on this group has been published but this one is about me and my bestfriends first time of intermacy under the pier.im so glad you could understand it.lol i showed it to her and she didnt understand most of it, esp baby with fawn staring i said it was the colour of our eyes and she was like oh yeah lol and also golden with midnight is our hair colours. oh well she at least got the intermacy part.
thankyou very much for your feedback means a lot


o that sweet mad heat

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