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Sexy, sweet and full of treats,
give me room to wet my feet,
kiss your lips and touch your face
tell me what you want to taste.
Chocolate chip, vanilla whipped,
strawberry cake, all about taste...

Pxssy pink, take a lick, full
of cream till she screams,
let it out in her mouth till she
drowns, then I frown. Lost in
the mix I suck her tits, caress
her ass. She's breathing fast..
I whisper in her ear, baby your so
dear. Dear to my heart, we'll never

Time for round two you know
what to do... Forgive my rush to
your sweet good stuff... she moans
just a little as I grab for her middle,
TAKE it easy on me she begins to plea.
So I slowly nibble, she gyrates a little
I feel her heat, I got her beat...

She's grabbing the sheets and
swearing at me that this was
strategically done... I smirk
just a little I'm seeing her
wiggle and my mind is
taking in all the fun... I stop at
an instance, she was almost
finished but I wanted her to
just sneak to the top... She
let out a sigh and asked me
why, " I didn't take her to the top"

I said Don't worry boo I really
got you, I had to make you love
every drop... Your longing for
me and I had to see what you
would do if I stopped... She
leaped on me and said I'm the
queen and she'll kill if
I ever gave up... Gave up
her love to anyone and torture
me till I flop...

Just a cutte little poem... Praying that
you enjoyed although I'm ending it ,
it could have still went on.... I'm still on the
search for the right lady and once I found
her the whole world will know... smooches to
all who enjoyed me.. for a little while


Wow... intense. I love the intimacy in this And that first word on the second stanza... the way it spelled made me laugh.


really good :-)

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