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I sit back lazily in my chair...taking a long inhale off the last of my cig...the smoke flooding my lungs as she steps through the doorway...I have waited all day.... she lets a slight giggle escape those lips of midnight desire.....I sit as if not remembering her joke of early morning .....the way she cut my hot water and all I had was streams of what felt like ice pummeling my skin....the way her laughter echoed throughout the house as she left abruptly slamming the door ..with a quick 'I'll be back in just a bit' bouncing off the walls.....the hot summer air as thick as New York fog ....I glance over my shoulder and smile asking where she's been....stepping in behind my chair she runs her fingertips through my hair as she tells me of her adventures around the lake...sliding my hand across the top of hers, I pull it to my lips for a soft kiss .. I look up into the eyes that make me shine.....I pull her onto my lap and run my fingertips across her face as she smiles softly....tracing her lips .....wondering if she knows how deeply she has a hold on my heart...I would give my very breath just to see her hold that smile just once ..she raises and pushes my control to the limits as her lips brush feather lite across mine...giving me a playful grin as she leans back into my arms ..I raise a brow and challenge her to a battle of wills ...as my fingers trace the rips in her jeans ...feeling her muscles responding against 'her' will at each touch of skin on skin...feeling the heat of her body.....I never take my eyes off hers as I move my hand up her body and under her neck...raising her ...to my lips...she slides off me and grins as she stands before me...I look up at her ....as my body instantly responds to this angel in a devils mode....her T-shirt accentuating her beautiful breasts....one size ..maybe too small...not small enough for me ...her favorite jeans ....with rips zigging here and zagging there.....of course in all the right places.....I reach out for the cuts just below the pocket....as she sidesteps my attempt I bound to my feet ...she bolts out the front door laughing the whole way... I step out front grabbing the waterhose..as she heads around the side of the house for the path into the woods...I round the corner spraying her back as she reaches the edge of the narrow cut path...her squeals echo' across the yard as she abruptly sprawls into the shallow pit I had worked on from the time I had gotten out of my 'cold' shower...till right before she had returned.....leaves covering the slushy mud just perfect ...she rolls to her stomach ..covered in mud screaming 'You Fucker!!' I have tears streaming down both sides of my cheeks .laughing so hard I can hardly catch my breath...slipping out the camera I flip a few pictures of the gorgeous femme.. now covered in mud..a keepsake for my buddy who had bought this wonderful shirt.....dodging the mud that is being flung at me I turn and head to the house....I feel a hard slap as she finally makes contact with my back....splattering down my legs and up into my hair....I keep walking, laughing, giggling...knowing I'm in deep trouble....I step into the bathroom ..strip and step under the shower head ..feeling the cool water pelting down apon my skin..as I run my fingers through my hair ..trying to rid it of all the mud...I feel a body slip in behind me..I glance back to see a 'Carrie on prom night' stare ....with mudd still dripping from her hair...'The least you could do is let me under the water first' she growls...I step aside and smile an ornery smile as she starts to step past...I press hard against the wall of the shower trying to give enough room to pass ..still she slips...I reach and catch her as she gives me a look and pushes my hands off her tiny body...I step to the back of the shower trying to keep from laughing....as she starts lathering a body that I have wanted nothing more then just to touch....I lean forward and whisper 'you missed a spot' ...'where' she growls again.....I reach around her and pour soap in the middle of my hands ..rubbing them together and sliding them down the center of her back..gently massaging as I clean the caked mudd ...gliding them off the cheeks of her perfectly rounded ass...I watch as her head drops.. letting the water flow over her hair and down her back...wanting her ..as my fingers fumble the bottle of liquid soap...needing her...she jumps as it bounces off the bottom of the tub....I whisper 'I'm sorry' and kneel down to retrieve it..starting to feel like quite the idiot...I start to raise only to find thats she has turned ...her sensual body is facing me ..swallowing hard ..I glance up at her..feeling her fingers sliding through my hair...I wrap my arms around her tiny waist pulling her slick body into me...blinded by desire ..wanting to taste every inch of this beautiful goddess...wanting to...needing to...sliding my lips over her skin...brushing them softly ..then passionately kissing ..licking ..I raise sliding my fingers beneath her hair ...tilting her head back....watching the water as it makes love to her body..the way I want to cover her with my love...our eyes lock ..as we stand looking ....searching...delthing into the heart of one another...not a word spoken..as our dance of lovers begins....pulling her into me as our lips press hard with passion...our tongues in-tangled in the taste of each other searching ..tasting ...water cooling even more ..as I feel goosebumps forming apon her skin...taking her face in both hands ..I kiss her softly tracing her lips with my fingertips ...I see the want in her eyes ...I tilt her head back ..exposing her sensual neck...tracing it with my fingertips ..as my tongue follows the path...as my finger brush her hard nipple my mouth quickly covers it ...sucking it hard into my mouth ...she gasps as she pulls me into her ...rolling it with my tongue ...biting it ..just hard enough to bring her to attention...my fingers trailing down her tummy as I feel her body giving into mine..I feel the sting of the cold water apon my skin....she is oblivious...as I raise ..step out of the shower..as she stares at me...I wrap her in a towel ..and carry her to the bed....my eyes never leaving hers...as I gently lay her apon the bed...and begin ...feeding ...a fire that will burn out of control ..even past.... the end of time........

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