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Laying awake I stare out into space

Sleep will not welcome me with its tranquility

My eyes do not close but my mind melts into a dream

It is up into the clouds one might say

Yet the scene is not in the sky but wrapped in your arms

Your legs entwined with mine as if we're pieces of a puzzle

Our hearts beat together, creating a beautiful rhythm

Slowly I move just enough to look at you

My eyes drift to yours and you stare back with a warm smile

Thumping wildly in my chest, my heart threatens to explode

You laugh softly at my scarlet cheeks then brush your lips softly against them

Hotter and hotter my face becomes until the folds of your mouth meet mine

Our lips do not recede but slowly embrace each other deeply

Your hand dances circles around my thigh and I shiver

My eyes close in pleasure and open once again

The scene before me has vanished only to be replaced by reality

Timidly I look for any signs of your presence

But the only evidence is my beating heart

Disappointed, I surrender myself to the now welcoming sleep

To my heart I pray "If only for a little longer, let me be in her arms"

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