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How do you meet people? - Lesbian Ladies

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Like the title says, 'How do you meet people?" It sounds easy, but when you actually try to get out there its really hard. I would really like to meet more people in the queer community or just people in general!

So how do you go about meeting people?


Ive met some peoples from this site, in real life. Otherwise, going out with a friend who knows peoples if another option. Im quite laid back myself, so I just to out when I want to or I simply chill out with my actual friends. But it's always nice to meet new faces!


I'm kind of in the same boat, and I've pretty much just been trying to get out there and do things I enjoy so I can meet people with similar interests in my area. I go see drag shows at the local gay bar sometimes, and although I have talked so some people and made 'bar friends', it hasnt gone beyond that just yet.
Im trying to have some hope, and so should you =P