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I wrote this about all the gay suicides and my heart was breaking and I think it's important that if you need help to get it. Tell me what you think though about the poem.

I see black everywhere I turn
It’s in the news
In the air
On them
I don’t understand it,
Sometimes you just can’t win.
It gets to be too much to take,
You’re told sticks and stones.
But words actually fuckin’ break.
5 kids in 3 weeks?
Where is America going?
Why can’t we see?
Hundreds are being tortured,
Unable to speak!
I am heartbroken and outraged.
This epidemic has become infected,
Now we have the disease!
It’s killing through numbers
Senseless acts of terror and hate.
You want to see a grown man cry?
Kill his son or daughter,
you won’t have to wait.
People are people no matter what sex,
Political views,
Or race
We all are humans,
Cant you see that??
You all seem to be way off base!
I’m dying inside everywhere I turn
Another life lost,

Another candle for me to burn.


it is not rain that erodes
or bombs that explode
but tears that feed
that which gives life
to the blind
and hope to
the lost.

i do wish i could revisit my youth to be a voice to the ones i never knew, or help to the people who are faced against the reflection that casts a light that is not seen, Not to say that i know more than those, but rather it is too a glass that does not quench my thirst, but it is a glass that also fills my heart.

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