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Hey, I'm new, and need a bit of help with Writer's Block. - Writers Nook

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I've been writing for almost half my life.

Granted, it\s mostly been vapid essays, and dumb fanfiction, with the occasional bit of random poetry thrown in, but I've at least been writing.

In the last two years I've started a few original works; among them one novel length story aimed at the young adult, and one children's book for my eight year old niece.
At first the words practically dripped from my fingers without any prompting. The characters came alive; their histories and personalities flourishing before my mind's eye. The plots unfolded like living things.

In the last six months, I've written barely anything at all. I sit down with a pen and paper, and end up doodling for hours. I sit down at my computer, and stare at a blank document until my eyes hurt.

My idea-well is dry. My dialogue has become trite and stilted. No new plots are growing in my head. The old ones have wilted and dried out. When I try to be descriptive, the words wont come.

I don't know what to do. I feel like part of me has died, and for no reason at all.

I've tried all sorts of things; I've taken to reading two or so novels a week. I watch the news, heck I've even started taking early morning walks.

Any advice for a desperately wordless authoress?




I use brain drano for my blocked writers plumbing. What I mean is that I give myself a set, short amount of time. I like to 15 or 20 minutes. Then I pick a very simple subject and write whatever comes to mind about that subject. I do not worry proper punctuation, story flow, or even if it's a story at all. I just sit down at my computer and start plugging away at the keys. I have used subjects from a rock, a tree branch, a dead cat, dust bunnies, etc. What ever comes to mind first. DO NOT be picky. All you are trying to do shove out the blockage in your head plumbing. It does not matter what comes out, as long as it comes out.

Hope this helps.



Sorry about the missed words, it happens to me at times.


one thing that CAN help is sit down and force yourself to write for at least 20 minutes a day. dont just stare at the paper, write. even if you end up writing "i really ahte doing this i cant think of anything to write" for the first 5 minutes then sooner or later you'll start getig ideas. especially if you do it everyday
good luck


When I get writer's block, I talk to some of my writer friends. This gets my creative juices flowing. Sometimes we'll be talking about something completely unrelated to the story or song I was writing when inspiration hits. Every once in a while, your brain needs some time to not stress over your writing and once you give it a chance to relax it says, "I see it now! The perfect idea!".

A fellow writer,


Have you gotten past the blockage?


Just write a sentence or two--The trees were bent double by the wind. Color was missing from the outside. Go from there to explain what was going on, why it was going on, what was going to happen next. Let if flow til it stops. Then try another. Don't try to make a huge story out of it. Just relax and let the sentences or phrases come out.


Thanks for the help everyone! I've started like you guys suggested, by just writing whatever came to mind. It was hard, and I got a lot of crap writing done at first, but I've noticed that I'm getting back to the place where the joy is in writing. Thanks loads for your advice.


drink hot chocolate everynight and refrain from masturbating as long as you can


Read the books that got you into writing again and start on something new. If I get stuck with an essay I write something nothing to do with my essay and slowly the ideas come back and I can finish the essay

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