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so, please tell me what you all think about this. - Lesbian Ladies

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my ex girlfriend Rachel (who is bi) and I have been dating off and on, but the longest we went was 14 months. after that, we had to break up because her mom didnt like me, and wouldnt even let us hang out together. we're still best friends, her mom has changed her thoughts about me & likes me now, and we love each other ALOT, but we get into stupid fights and it just hasnt been the same since we first met. So now, she's currently dating this guy whom she claims doesnt love, she said she is going to be faithful to this guy, and says that she's going to let the relationship run it's course. I really need her in my life. As sad as this is to say, I'm not myself at all without her. I havent eaten, and havent slept. I'm basically depressed about this. does anyone have any tips on what I should/could do? I just want her back as mine


well thats a bit of a pickle, i was in the same situation a few years ago, i let her go for it, and i acted like i have moved on and she got jealous and came runing back, or you can wait til they have a fight and you can be her comfort,


time heals, what's yours will be yours, patience ^^" i believe ur girl will come back to u


I agree with Theresa. Me personally, I would leave, unless they are in an open relationship and perhaps you wouldn't mind being a side-person while she is in her primary relationship. Poly-Amory can be awesome or it can suck. Remember that your feelings are your call. Be real and give it to her straight up. Let her know how your feeling and see where it goes. If you two can't be open about shit that happens then who knows what will happen if you stay together in the future. I am not trying to be harsh and I apologize if it comes out that way. Best of luck to you.


if she's going to be like to you then she's not worth your time.