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Am I So Undateable??? Help?? - Lesbian Ladies

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I feel like im an amazing person and even though im weird..im weird im a good way.Im a great girlfriend too.I know with the way i look, im not gonna be everyones type ...-.-.. Why dont the girls i like, like me..Even the girls that do like me only want to "mess" around. Wtf..Am I SO Undateable???


Your not undateable, sadly it takes time and searching and not searching and breakups and heartaches. Trust me....I know......&gt_&lt Mind games suck yes because we are insecure and or afraid of being hurt so mind games or messing around always comes in tact. I personally, don't do mind games or messing around, I'm serious and I'll do a hella lotta rash things to prove I'm serious.


yeah.., im agree with amanda.. you look great.., dont be so desperate..
U have something special that anyone dont.. just believe it..
So.., Be confident !! Caiyo!! hahaa...

*caiyo mean like kind of spirit statement from asian language.. ^_^


in sure there's a great girl for you out there, just takes time to find them unfortunately. I have the same problem kind of, the girls i like, dont like me, and the girls who likes me, i dont like.. and often people are not looking for anything serious.. but its worth it to wait until you meet someone who is right for you ;o)


Yeah i am waiting. thanks. Its just really weird like...I feel like im not the type or something. Eh..im not desperate..just wondering whats going on with this...Because if i was desparate i wouldnt be alone..but i wouldnt be happy though. eh Im going for the confident Lately..Soon enough! Thanks everybody.


i find that playing around is a taste tester if u will, believe me your not undatable u just need to have more fun with the situation hell ur single why the rush: )


Cause im ot the play around type of girl..i like it from time to time..but i actually like connecting with someone..i dont wanna be alone for so long..and i hate how girls fuck over me...and how when they get attached over us playing around and wont let go..things never just work out lets say...normaly..
i just wanna be someones somebody right now and vise versa.
i wanna be happy in it too....