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The Middle O( a Mess! - Writers Nook

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Maybe one day

We will be together

Leaving our past behind

Only needing eachother

Until that day comes

I will cry

The reason, you may ask

My life is a lie

I'm so vulnerable

And easily hurt

Used in my past

Treated like dirt

Yet I wear a smile

Each and every day

But when I'm alone

It quickly fades away

You don't understand

How much pain I hide

For it has faded

And jumped deep inside

I thought you were different

Then all the rest

But look where you got me

The middle of this mess


Good I like it


thankies hun(:


Thats sweet. I thought it was interesting how it went from talking about hope of the future to "I thought you were different." Its seemed to condence time so smoothly that you don't even notice till you get to the end that time has already passed.

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