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Wetsuits, leather & Lycra... Love it? - Gay Guys! <3

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A guy in Lycra is too hot to handle. The sleek, yet solid feel, the gorgeous shapely lines & the overall wow factor are amazing, especially if he's a little bit subtle & his kit leaves something to the imagination! Just imagine peeling it off.. and getting inside!

Wetsuits are the hottest thing ever. If only every surfer wanted help with his zip & a nice place & a cup of tea to warm up with! Wetsuits are sizzlingly hot. I love the shape - and just a hint of what's inside! A man in a shiny wetsuit screams out EAT ME! I say 'Nom'!

Leather's the sex. The tighter, the shinier, the better. I should be in charge of it, and cute men should be made to wear it compulsorily! Bikers rock, but where first to put your hands?


The only thing hotter than a wetsuit is a surfer! I love it when they change on the roadside. And what you said about leather is true too - stiff black straps for the harness and supple calfskin for the body glove, mm hmm!


Agree with the surfers, they're all pretty cute, all said & done.

Don't go for that sort of leather, to be honest. The idea of trussing someone up is pretty abhorrent & not in any way sexy.

I'm not into anything other than decent leather jeans & biker jackets. The other stuff sounds rather sordid ;-(

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