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Hi Gang, Just thought I would introduce my self. I am a Born again Christian and have always had a person relationships with my savior. My store is a sad and long one so I wont go in to it right now. But out of the Wilderness I have come. I believe once saved always saved. But It was a long and hard process to get here.

If you take God serious, he will take you on a journey that will bring you to a place of strength and contentment, Remember, God so love the world that he gave his son, we are his creation, he dose not look at use threw others, threw our goods and bad he loves us, as a father love a child, if your child robed a bank you would not stop loving him, he has numbered the hairs of your head, he is In love with you as a father is his child. I have struggled with Homosexuality my hole life, Maybe it was something that happened in my childhood I don't remember, My family have gave me there opinion on the subject and that I was a child that was hurt very badly by my father, so bad that it sent me on a strange journey, and that I was disperitly seeking love and willing to get it where ever I could get it. And now I think about others and what they must be going threw, It leaves my hart heavy,, thake hart my friends God has not forsaken you, he is there and loves you dearly


Great news today about the federal judge ordering a immediate halt to all discharges under the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy.

Let's pray that Presdent Obama has the courage to not appeal the ruling.

He has the power to order the Justice Dept. to NOT challenge the judge's decision.

Let's now see if he has the courage to stand up for the right of gays to have miltary careers and not have to live in a closet.

Any gay Mormons out there ?

See the link.



Hi Randy,
Thanks for the intro and for sharing a little about yourself. I too am a Christian and love the Lord with all that is in me. I understand how many would think that something bad must have happened to cause someone to become gay. I however, don't believe that. I believe that one is either born homosexual, bi, trans, or heterosexual; it is not a choice, and not caused by a bad situation that may or may not have taken place in one's childhood.
Perhaps there are those who may have been hurt by someone of the opposite sex and feels safer with someone of the same sex for a time, but, I would think it would only be for a time. It's kind of tricky I guess.

I am a lesbian because I was born that way. I have been this way for as long as I can remember. Christianity, as it was taught to me growing up, condemned me for who I am, but as I got older, went through some pretty rough times because of my sexuality, and then finally decided to seek the truth on my own and with the help of the Holy Spirit and some people that God has blessed me with, I have learned and understand that what I was taught was wrong. I am now confident in who I am; as a Christian first, and then as a lesbian. God is an awesome God and I can only pray that those who are still suffering and questioning will be able to find the peace and understanding needed to bring them to the realization that they are loved by God and not condemned by Him.

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