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A Night In Eternity; A Poem By Laura Snyder - Poetry Group

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A Night In Eternity- A Poem By Laura Snyder

Your distance confines me,
Comforms me to the madness of being apart from you.
Your hands, your lips allure me.
Even from afar, as your eyes beckon,
As if screaming my name.

It’s music to my soul,
Both heard and felt in the minutes (days?) spent with you.
Captivates, alleviates my walls.
The sound echoing, as if truly,
A perfect melody in it’s own.

The rythym of heartbeats,
Tempo rising and falling in time as eternity passes.
Sighs like lyrics of unspoken words.
Set in tune in perfect harmony,
Perhaps the only I have ever known.

Contentment enfolds me,
Enclosed in sentimental arms as we drift to peaceful bliss.
The truism in murmered, whispered syllables.
Soft as your skin, gentle caresses,
Intoxication by the brush of your words alone.

I look towards tomorrow,
Wonder if the totality of infinity could ever be enough with you.
But held in your arms, a moment is eternal.
A second, everlasting as “I Love You” hovers in the air,
Between our hearts, dreaming towards forever.

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