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Breakups - Lesbian Ladies

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Ok so what do you do when your with someone and they make promises to you that they dont keep? You want to forgive this person but its too hard that u cant, you still want to try and be friends with that person but you cant because your feelings are much too deep. I never wanted things to end but they did but i dont want to lose this person entirely do i give her another chance even if this will be her 3rd or do i cut her off completely and what do you do when there are kids involved?? I have no idea what to do right now....


Just put plainly short sweetite. Love is blind, therefore the actions fuled by love are sometimes irrational and unheard of.
3 times? SOrry but in some peopels minds 3rd time you're out and you shouldn't have to settle for something like that. If they do it once, what is REALLY stopping them from doing it again? If someone loves you as much as they proclaim, they wouldnt wander off and do god know what with whomever.
Im not saying she did that or anything because I dont know the whole story, its not my business to pry into it either. But in my opinion, if you dont want to go through the stresses of it again, just stop. WE are meant to be LOVED
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