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I do not normally start discussions because its not my place to bring attention to myself but I am stuck in a rut with my writing and though I have two stories started I need another one that I can write an ending to. Does anyone have any ideas as to what would be a good topic for me to write about? If you give me one I'll happily give you credit for the idea and will even send you the story when it's done if you'd like. Please and thank you!


you need to have confidence in yourself. Believe in your own ability. There are millions of things to write about. You dont need anyone to tell you or give you ideas and you should take credit for your own stories. im not a serious writer, but one thing i find that makes me want to write something, and it is reading a good book or someone else's story. Maybe browse the stories here and you might be inspired towards a topic you want to write about. good luck.