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Hey everyone,
I have an article running in the Loyola University New Orleans paper on friday. Its not creative its an editorial but anyone interested can read it online on friday at www.loyolamaroon.com



Congrats! I'll check it out


Hey Joey! I just bookmarked The Maroon's main page. I'm also interested in reading your editorial but, pop back into this section on Friday to remind those interested that it has been posted. Some of us get all updates to the groups we've joined (I do) and with this in mind, I'll get my reminder when I return to this thread, for this group. Thanks. Enjoy the rest of your week! Cheers!! =)


The article is actually up now!!!! AHHHH I'm sooo stoked!


Good read, Joey. Shouldn't that bills "SB 1070" be "BS 1070"? Giving the border patrol full reign to conduct themselves accordingly, be governed? I can see many issues regarding brutality surfacing. We've all seen file footage on how cops get out of hand. This will be no different. They need to revise this bill, make it more clearly defined and outlined.