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Ontario,Canada - Gay Guys! <3

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So I live in Ontario Canada, Looking for some guys who live in the same province.Even if you live near or half way across the world and wanna chat thats fine. Im haveing a hard time accepting who I am and really just want some peoples point of view. I would love to make a few friends. What Iwould love even more is to find the love of my life. But I know that wont happend to me. Perosnally my family is always telling me two guys can never be inlove. I would love to prove them wrong. But I doubt ill find love on this website as much as I want to I dont think you canfind love on a website. Anyways if anyone,ANYONE wants to chat please message or add me.Im a nice person and Im just looking for a friend to talk to !


I don't live in Ontario, i do have a good friend who lives there though :P anyway I'd be happy to chat with you about whatever. as far as accepting who you are it sounds like your parents influence that... but if you can try to think of it this way, you are who you are the fact your gay doesn't change who you are only you can do that. And besides your parents i don't know why you cant accept your sexuality so i don't know what to say that can help. and as far as love on a website, stranger things have happened, people fall in love every day, whether its on a website or in person doesn't matter, and often times people find each-other on a website, then fall in love when and if they meet in person. all i'm saying is don't say its impossible before you give it a chance. anyway don't hesitate to mail me or open a chat with me any time you would like to talk.