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Village Voice Coverage of new book "American Faggot" - Writers Nook

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Don't let the racy excerpt that Michael Musto uses deter you from how important this book is. I wrote it for those of all ages, but largely for younger gays who feel isolated and dirty, because of treatment by their own family and peers in America. To tell them that we have walked their path before and that they are not dirty, and they are not wicked. There is a HUGE double standard in America with regards to sex and hetero "boys will be boys" attitudes versus what LGBT people do behind closed doors. This is about stopping one of the last socially acceptable discrimination in film, tv and other forms of media (rap, etc.) If race is so sensitive in this country that certain words used can spark a firestorm of controversy, then we must not tolerate it towards LGBT people.

Please check out this book on smashwords.com or lulu.com and follow me on twitter @stonewahl

Thank you!!




People say I'm lucky where I reside
Rolling hills and ancient tress frame my view.
Cows sleepily make milk in grasslands wide,
Spider webs glint with jewels of morning dew.

Air clean, no noise of cars, pollution free;
Swift silver streams diamond studded dancing.
A rolling vista, multi-hued I see
Sparse spread cosy homes the scene enhance.

I love this land, as boy I roamed it free
On foot, by bike, adventures in my mind.
To swim a river, climb a massive tree;
To fight and vanquish demons of all kinds.

But now in vain I look for solace there.
I look for secret places where I can hide.
In circles wander; try to loose my care,
But this demon I can't fight, it's inside.

In countryside so peaceful, I know well,
I walk for miles, never loose my way.
But all the time I take my living hell
That growing cancer telling me I'M GAY!

No lepers bell, but hatred all the same,
Afraid to say; afraid to live a lie.
Those secret places where I played a game
Now serve again, this time a place to die.

Where is the boy who laughed and dragons slew,
Who loved his life, met hope with open arms?
Now hated himself, fears living if they knew
A dirty secret replaced a boyish charm.

Not normal, pervert, shouldn't be allowed
A place in hell reserved for those who dare.
On Earth alone, yes even in a crowd
Perhaps it's time he took his place down there.

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