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so, i'm trying to help my friend kassia find a gf, and all the girls she's dated so far, well they just keep fucking with her and hurting her. she's a very dear friend of mine. you can send me a msg on this site or comment in here. she's a 20yr old bisexual female. she's single, of course haha. uhmm. if you need any more info, or are interested in maybe getting to know her, i can pass the msg on to her and we'll see how things go from there. she's from chippewa falls, wisconsin. sooo yeah. haha msg me if you're interested or somethinggg. oh, btw, she's a bigger girl but she's pretty. :] ohkay. dont reply if you're just gonna be a prick about it and shitttt. kthanksbyeee.


OMG!!!! Dis isn't MATCH.COM!!!! please relax wit da personal adds! it's a lil desperate honey and on da real tip,not a good look yo!


dude. dont fucking snap at me about that shit. i was simply looking for some ppl to possibly talk to her and if things were to go on from there, well it'd be out of my hands. ik this isn't fucking match.com or whatever. i was simply trying to find some ppl to talk to my friend. if you dont like it, then dont fucking read this shit. if you're gonna be a bitch, keep your fucking comments to yourself. kthanksbye.


feel the hate. but shes right. this isnt a dating site. you are trying to find her a gf. which BTW wont work well on a site like this

you cant trust people online any more than you can in real life. and yes, looking for a girlfriend wont get you any decent results, it looks desperate and "easy" and people can and do take advantage of that.

and just a pro tip, why cant she come on here and do it herself? why ask someone else to do it for her??

even if this was match.com or something, its best you rethink your tactics cause you havent done her any favous like this.

not being hostile, but you need to think about this.

shes better off looking in real life with people she can become friends with properly and actually see at face value who they are...

they proper way to do it is to take her to make some friends, and only friends. go to gay bars or somewhere. do NOT look for girlfriends, cause it leads to bad relationships, you need friendship before relationship and sometimes you need to be friends for years to know it will work out and trust eachother..

rushing relationships means that you dont know everything about eachother and that leads to potential downfalls.

it takes time to get a good relationship. it cant be rushed.. if you do rush it, you get hurt... we learn it the hard way as i have done. its mroe rewarding to take your time and not look for anything or anyone in particular

hope your friend can find someone nice

have a good day.


I don't see the issue here I mean this is kinda a dating site. I do think she should make her own account tho just so you don't have to be the messenger. AND there is nothing wrong with online dating as long as your safe about it. I can promise you tons of people get on here with the thoughts of finding alover I know some who have. JUSt try to talk your friend into making her own or no one is gonna take her seriously.


lmfao you girls are craaaazzzzy!


LOL =)

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