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Hey Guys Whats Up? - Gay Guys! <3

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HI, Bandon,

========= Please, tell me, HOW ARE YOU, today then ???? ============


Hey, whats up


Holy crap! Another Ontarian! Sweet! I'm southwestern Ontario Brandon! I have friends in Barrie and you'll find a few blokes in this site from your neck of the woods too! Poke around, for the groups in here are amazing. And all are (of course) free to join! I decided to keep all my emails from this site. It keeps me up on all activities/threads/friends notices. Some days, I get up to 50 mails, which all go into a separate file, within my email client. At least I can follow threads of interest. Hope to see more commentary's from you and Welcome to Gays.com! Cheers! =)