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cyber sex - Gay Guys! <3

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Ok maybe i'm wrong but I think it's really pathetic.......

Are people are soooooooooo in need of sex or something?

They don't know what reality is? and they take refuge in cyber non real reality

People who are seeking stupid cyber sex (i.e. sexcam) to fullfill their primary needs........ and they are beginning their conversation with this topic............

They... like... you know...... are turning me off........... no buut really.....

It's pathetic..... remove them their gameboy (which is the name I use for "computer") and learn them to search in the real world with real boys to find a real game boy (i.e. fuck friend) or how to search a true and real boy and how to build a real relationship (i.e. boyfriend) with him...... based on whatever they are looking for !!

Ok I needed to say it........ now I need to ignore four friends request AHAHA!

Have a nice weekend people!!!!!!


I hear what you are saying.


I personally don't cyber, either. I've never really been interested in that, but I do understand that written words have the ability to reach the heart and mind which is a more powerful androgynous zone than anywhere else. I see it as more of an intellectual connection, where peoples words are able to paint the fantasy that they wish to present. Again, I've never been inclined, but I wont knock other people's desire to have that.

You probably wont give creedence or attention to my words, being so busy 'declining' people from being your friends. I'll be an ass and say that you shouldn't carry such a large chip on your shoulder, because what it presents to the rest of us is rather unsightly. The hypocrisy is mine, as I've mirrored your condescending tone. Have a nice evening.


"What comes out my mouth is truth, what goes in your ears are false."-JC (I wonder if...lol. I'll leave it to those who trully get it)

How one sees his environment to how he chooses to interact with it, is all his own. I don't cyber personally but why should I care or bother with things irrelevant to my likings if it's not intending to cause harm to my inner constuct.?

Face it, everyone's got different sexual inhibitions--celebacy to God forbid--whatever kink they have to materialze their fantasies; it's no less significant to my own. If the little imperfections in your world is not to your liking, then give it not a moment's haste, or built a tolerance. Negativity is a waste of energy.


Right on Thierry! I couldn't agree with you more. In just 1 day, I've been hit on by 4 really good looking guys, who wanted to hook up with me on an outside site, to watch them jerk off. I took the bait with one (wtf? eh) until I hit that "for xxx amount you can...." like fuck this shit. For guys that are right into cyber sex, my question to them is... what the fuck are you hiding that you need to engage in fake sex via a web cam? I will admit to doing the cyber thing but I have a valid reason. I am dating and yes, I have a boyfriend and since we seldom have to time to connect (he doesn't live near me), on the odd morning, we've gotten each other off online! Neither one of us are cyber whores, for we both agreed since we're not into this form of sex, that we would only do this, when the urge arises. Julius, if they're cyber whores, that's their thing but they really need to use some diplomacy and stop being jerks, by hailing you and using cute words like "babe". Umm, I'm no ones "babe" for that's a pet name reserved for my boyfriend. Cyber sex is not for everyone and to blatantly push onto others who are not into that form, is just wrong. We come to this site for a variety of reasons. Keep this in other sites like gay.com or squirt.org or Cam4. This space does not need this, for we all joined for one reason or another. I think after getting hit on 4 times in one evening, would of been enough to put a member off and/or, push them to delete their account. It will take a fuck of a lot more to make me up and leave. IF they don't understand "pass" in chat, then they really need to look it up. I try not to be rude but, push it and I will be. If your persistent, I'll report you. I'm sure I'll get slammed for my comment but hey, this is a thread and my own view points are that of my own, just like everyone else in here.


I don't mind with people who like to be exhibitionist....... and like to do a cam2cam

But when it is the main reason why they approach you and it's the first topic they are talking about... it's just total irrespect... and I agree with Krystogger with that in mind.

but still I think it's pathetic... but it's my opinion........... And my opinion is not the absolute truth and believe me I know it..

It's a matter of perspective I guess. :P

People who are asking me that kind of thing as the first thing they are talking to me about.......... just don't deserve to see my intimacy.........

To acceed to it...... they need to be intimate with me.... I think it's logical..... (no??)

And if they consider I don't worth the time to become close to me..... Well I don't have time to consider them on whatever they are asking me for.

friendship is not a game... you build and deserve a relation with somebody and that makes them precious because you build it on a good fondation.

there's a difference btw people you know, by face or by name and people you believe in and you really know and you gave them a value in your life.

tchow tchow Still....... Have a nice weekend everybody


Thanks Thierry, how correct you are. I guess, what ever floats your boat but to touch, feel and see the human, makes it more forfilling as appose to viewing someone on a cam, for they could be in another city, continent or.... When you're in a relationship with someone special and you've actually been with them, a cam can allow you to still enjoy his company, even though time and distance, prevents it. But, you still have those memories and the over all feeling of his closeness, even though a cam is all you have, at the moment, until you reconnect. As for those blokes who jump right into the thick of the over all conversation, they don't know you from Adam and they're just looking for a fast hook up or a way to get into your wallet. Shit, I can think of better ways to spend my hard earned money. If you're going to pay to view someone jacking off, then hit a local bathhouse, an adult movie house with private booths or rent a boy. Just don't get lured into something your not sure of. Be safe, not sorry. If you live in a rural area and have no access to meeting another guy, use some common sense, just don't leap at the first hot cam guy to hit you up, in a chat... especially in here. Yup, they're starting to move in... even in gays.com. Be careful guys. Enjoy your weekend and now that the colder weather is closing in... don't get suckered in by an ad-bot. If it looks to good to be true then... cheers! =)


Thierry I couldn't agree more. Also, I am quick to cut off dates and relationships when the first things people ask are: "How big is your ... " AND pretty much anything else pertaining to sex.

Maybe it's me, but I am not even going to discuss sexual topics if I barely know a thing about you.


Don't you just hate that? If you're in a site that mainly caters to those hunting for sex, that's one thing. You're in a site that's spacifically set up for guys looking to get laid. I don't view this site as being one of them. I'm finding more and more sex ads (come watch me jerk of on cam) in here and guys who just want to talk sex in a chat. I don't know you to begin with and since your a few hundred clicks from me or across the pond, what's the point? There is more to me that my cock size or if I'm a Sub or a Dom. Lets establish some basis of a friendship first just don't jump into the "what are you into and how big are you" right off the hop. If I'm hunting, I'll go to a site that caters to those who, hunt. I will be the first to put my hand up, if asked if I'm a perv. But in here, I won't raise my hand, since I'll speak out about certain perversions but I won't actively seek out other pervs. I don't come to gays.com for that. We all joined for our own reasons. When certain threads get an abundance of " I'm bored at home, looking for..." comments, I tend to "unfollow" that particular thread, until such time someone posts something of interest, then I'll consider the "follow" option again.