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Share your hard times.... - Lesbian Ladies

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I think rejection is something the LBGT community knows better than anyone, we get a wide range of rejection from religious groups, people we work or go to school with, even from our own families. I know everyone one has been hurt at least once for being for being who they are and I am not just talking about being gay but about anything that makes you unique that others might not view as "Normal" or "right." I want you to write about a time you felt rejected for being yourself and how that effected you and how you overcame it.


My mom has known I was lesbian for 3 months now, she told me she would never agree with how I live but she loves me no matter what. She made me promise though that I would keep my "lifestyle" away from my little sister and away from her house. So I did and we didn't really talk about it again until just recently. I was using my mom's wireless modem to access the internet and my mom was sitting next to me watching tv when she asked me, "your not going on sites you shouldn't right? Because the internet people can see everything you go on?" I looked at her confused and said "I haven't been." Then she said, "I mean I don't want you on those pro-gay, diversity sites, just because you are gay doesn't mean you have too be an activist." She said it with an rude tone in her voice so I told her she hurt me for saying that and its sad she thinks that way about it, then I went in my room. The next thing I know my sister is crying and all I hear is my mom screaming, I went out of my room to see whats going on and my mom is hitting my sister and I told her to stop and she turns on me, she started screaming at me that I am was disrespecting her and I needed to get the hell out of her house. Then she started hitting me and threw a binder at me and began punching me. So I left.... I was wrong to think that my mom was automatically ok with me being lesbian... Maybe I could of handled things better but she shouldn't did what she did. Allot of other stuff was said but I told the short version of what happened and it happened recently. I feel hurt but at the same time I feel sorry for her, but I can't worry about what happened I got to stay focused on what I need this time.


well, I 've never had a reaction like that yet, but I know both my grandparents are like that, prudes. my grandma H told my mom that she doesn't believe in gay marrage. my mom was so upset but it was her wedding shower so she didn't say anything. my mom has been very supportive, my dad just ignores it.. one of my friends from work told me she thinks im lesbian for I must have been victimized when I was younger, i told her she's full of shit but thats her opion. Try to get in a gay community for it makes it easyer to face rejection and riduacl. good luck and maybe she will think about what she has done and apoligise. or at least lets hope so.