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something is on my mine - Lesbian Ladies

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ok so i was looking at this show today and it gets me to know alot of people still thinks that you can onlt catch a STD from being gay only well itn't that funny! well i got something for all of you who thinks that people like me is doing such a thing, to let you know i know a girl who wasn't gay and her man wasn't on down-low as you wounld say but somewhere in there doing the times of their lifes one of them was being a hoe and didn't care who they sleep with now that they got a STD they don't care who they hurt what was said to me from them was if they don't think to use a condom then why should we tell them its on them(WTF).......yes it hurted me to hear that but its so very true but because half of the world need someone to point at they point at us the other half the ones that aren't the same.