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This pen is a loaded gun and my hand is on the trigger. My heart is an arsnel of silver bullet thoughts aimed for the soul and i never miss. like fireflies dancing at dusk I'll light up your mind; bring you close to me and whisper passion in your ears. see i shoot to kill but the only death that comes from my words is the murder of your doubts. I smile when you say that i surprise you because i know my latest victum has been that pre-concieved notion of how you thought i was. we both know i have my colorful past but only i know that i sceartly call you gold because you are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow my life used to be. i asked you once what your defination of love was and you told me it was whatever i wanted it to be so i grabbed my dictionary and ripped out the page that defined the word love. becuse webster himself could never write words as true as you had spoke. love is an action; love is you waiting 9 months for me to open my eyes; love is gold; love is imperfect. we are imperfect, you are my gold and i have finally opened my eyes. but i dont want to grow old with you i just want to grow with you. because growing old means growing up and i promise to always be a kid at heart. i wanna walk down the street holding you hand while the porch lights flicker and the dogs bark us a symphony to dance to. and every night i will laugh to myself because i just know that the black night sky has to be jealous of the stars in your eyes. they shine because together is something everybody told us we would never be and it has never tasted so sweet to prove them all wrong. you have given me six beautiful reasons to never give up so i will give you a million reasons to always smile. and i will promise you while everyone is afraid of what may become of us you will always be my gold, we will forever remain imperfect, and even if i close my eyes i will still see you.


I like that..


el traductor automático hace estragos, pero me gusta el espíritu.