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advice please =/ - Lesbian Ladies

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so my girlfriend. well ex now..
broke up with me but the story is all messed up.'
at first it was because she wasnt in love with me anymore and was interested in someone else then it was because she just wasnt in love with me but wasnt interested in anyone else then it was because she is unhappy with life and so she pushed me out of it. she says that maybe she'll come back but i just have to wait.
i dont know what to do. her friend says that shes still in love with me and stressed out about life in general. but why is she taking it on on me =[
i moved half way across the country and gave everything my friends family and job and college up to be with her and now shes just calling everything off. i wasnt able to find a job here and if i stay i will have no place to live because im now broke so im going to my moms for a few months to make money then come back. and she changed her reason of breaking up with me to because i was leaving.
now its because she wants happines.
i dont know whats going on. and i dont know what to do =[
someone please give me advice =[


The girl is obviously confused, if not lying through her teeth.
My advice? Go home and don't look back. You can find happiness with a woman who actually treats you like a human being; with respect and dignity.


i agree. the only real thing you can do is leave her alone to figure out her mess. sometimes the best thing you can do is look out for yourself. its not fair for you to have to wait on her to make up her mind. especially after all you've already given up for her.
its going to suck. but you'll get through it eventually.

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