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I avoided the harry potter books for a long time but recently started reading them and found them easy to read and amusing
Did anyone else escape from Potterphobia?


I like the movies. I tried reading the books but I just don't like how she writes. It seems so slow to me...


Mm, I was into the fandom side of it, but not so much now. XP The HP universe has heaps of potential of course! Even if we may disagree with how JK Rowling had everything pan out, we still appreciate that world she gave us. The movies... eh, it's hard to convey everything in the books into a movie. Unless its like LotR and that was too convoluted for some! (like me) But for HP since it is FAIRLY simple to understand, it was disappointing to see good bits not included in the films.


I know what you mean, the trouble with having read the books is that the films now seem incomplete and patchy