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one of those 'first-love' inspired things.... - Writers Nook

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"These long-burning days blur into honeysuckle nights. Let's do something reckless, something youthful and full of laughter, and let's save the consequences for mo[u]rning. Let's dance through this carnival with entwined fingers and secret grins; our love-starved frames play bumper-cars: matching bruised shoulders and sharp hips. Let's forget our "thus far" storyline and swap cotton-candy-kisses behind faerie-light lit "try your luck!" booths. Let's run through the asphalt covered dance floors of love, tripping over thick corded life-lines, and let's gasp-laugh-cry as nothing but the child-filled carts whooshing through stale-humid-city air pass us by.

We are twinkling eyes and mischievous smiles.
We are innocent, yet scraped hearts and cracked-candy-apple lips.
We are adolescent hopes and too big dreams.
We are escaping the woes of pressure and kissing-healing-fading the others' grown-up-too-fast scars.

We are holding-on-tight and tripping into new-young-forever love.

Let's fill our hearts with pictures of "us" and "together".
Let's whisper into blushing ears and blow not-so-invisible kisses.
Let's stand close and pinky-swear to never going back and always giving in.

Let's not ever let this get-away-start-anew summer die."


This is lovely.


thanks. i'm glad.

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