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Stepford Wife Mother - Lesbian Ladies

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Okay i have a slight problem. so i have this girlfriend who is amazing and truly loves me. but her mom, is the problem. her mom is major christian lady who thinks its pretty much satanic to be gay. like my gf put her legs across mine when we were sitting (her mom doesnt know we are dating) and her mom came up, put her legs off of mine, and she told us to split apart while say "girls dont do that, thats so GAY" After our sleepover one time, my gf got in the car and her mom was like "you 2 slept together didnt you" like her mom is so homophobic and my gf is gay. im not sure what to do, cuz her mom knows im gay, and i just.. i want my gf and her family to be okay, but i dont wanna break up with my gf. plus the fact i feel like i might like this other girl. im just so confused and unsure what to do.. please help =D


Well it hard dating someone who is not out. I am dating someone who is not out and it sucks. Always having to think before you kiss. It sucks. But if you like her or love her depending on were you are in the relationship you have to stick with it. You like another girl. Well you better figure that one out before one of the girls gets hurt. I am here if you ever want to talk about anything.


Wow, I'm sorry. It sounds like your relationship would be perfect if it weren't for her parents. Sounds like it's worth fooling around behind her parents back until she is out from under parents thumbs so to speak.


I have the same problem almost with my gf. Except its her grandmother and her dad that are very religious and anti-gay. At first I really thought it was going to ruin our relationship, until I just gave up and started to date someone else. A few days went by and my gf told her dad and her whole family that she was gay and they were just going to have to get over it because its who she was. She told them they had a chance to live their lives and love who they wanted, so now it was her turn. Here's the thing, if your gf is unwilling or not old enough to stand up for herself and take the consequences then you're going to have a strained relationship until she can become more independent of her mother. If you already like another girl, I'm thinking maybe your not as into this girl enough to stick around if this keeps happening and nothing changes.


thanks everyone
and really its not the i.. well its complicated
i like this other girl, i have for quite some time now, i mean shes gorgeous and a real sweetheart. but my girlfriend, she gets me and i get her. i dont really know how to explain it but i dont think i could dump her for this other girl, i just kind of feel bad for liking this other girl.
the one good thing about our relationship though is, our parents dont know so we can have sleepovers and stuff and totally just chill. but just kinda, in a secretish way. the one good thing is her mom loves me because im one of her few daughters 'innocent' friends, being as i dont drink/smoke/ect..
really im not sure what is going to happen.
but i do know that my gf one day is going to tell her mom