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Terms & Conditions ( have you made sure you've read & understood this before you submit intellectual property?)

You understand and agree that any comments, questions, suggestions, ideas, or other feedback about the Website or the Service ("Submissions"), provided by you to Gays.com are non-confidential and shall become the sole property of Gays.com with Gays.com owning exclusive rights, including all intellectual property rights. Gays.com shall be entitled to the unrestricted use and distribution of these Submissions for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, without acknowledgment or compensation to you"

It's just, I am an aspiring writer, & I read alot of stuff on this site folk have uploaded, some of it quality. I know you probably weren't thinking about legal crap & profit potentials or any of that shite when you uploaded it, but.... this shit's for real & you have already agreed to it. Food for thought?

Just had to say something, felt morally obliged to do so really.

Peace & Love to all.




Alan, very wise of you to see this. I haven't posted anything publishable on here, and after reading the disclaimer above, I doubt I ever will. I really don't think that statement is fair to the people who want to share original works with others. Why should some website company - no matter who they are - assume the copyright solely for themselves. That only discourages creativity, rather than enhancing it. Instead, I believe the legal rights to ownership and publication belong to the creator and author, not the publisher and a relatively unknown one at that.


With you all the way here, seems a bit unreasonable to me but the bottom line is, if you are a member of this site, you've agreed to these terms! I have tried pointing this out to one or two folk, nice people are generally too trusting, as for me well, I guess I am not naturally a nice person so I tend to be a bit more cautious than most!


thats shocking indeed. im not really a writer as too lazy and preoccupied. i like to dabble though. i think (from my degree course) the writer always has main copyright. But what they saying is that if work you uploaded on here became financially profitable, i.e you became a famous writer, then they could use it for that purpose. To be honest, if you were a famour writer would it really matter. They might make a bit of money but its also publicity for the writer. If they use your work i think they have to attach it to the writer. This raises another issue because this is a gay website! A person may not be 'out' but using your work would 'out' you!


"A person may not be 'out' but using your work would 'out' you!"
very good point sandie. Not the best way for a business - especially an upstart like this one - to win friends & influence people. More likely to alienate its customers.


Not quite Sandie, they are claiming all rights to the submissions, which means you, as the writer, no longer own the right to the work, you cannot publish it without their permission & they can publish it if you later become famous! Bit nasty but really not all that uncommon for sites like these!


i dont really care as im not interested in publishing etc. i just like to write things now and again. people who are serious writers though really need to stop publishing their work on these sites. Perhaps publish to your own websites and create a link so people can view it. I have 10 websites for £8.99 a month. i dont use them all but their included in the price. You can even have one site for free and never have to pay for it. i dont know if i can give details on here but if anyone wants the name of the provider just email me and i will send you the details. sandie.power@yahoo.com