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He was my Gramps -
A part of me like these
Very thoughts themselves -
Yet he was alone.

A peaceful quiet,
Broken only by the tick of the clock -
He pondered in the darkness a fate,
And changes,
As they become other places and times,
Like the silence of an unopened door.

Those around greeted him,
Yet he knew not of their presence -
The world at his feet -
Words in his head for the world to listen to,
But few to hear.

He was the hero, the villain,
And the only soul who could dare be both -
He lived it through,
Crushed his past in his left hand,
Only to kiss it to the sky,
Like a warm memory and a fallen dream.

I remember him -
With his life I remain forever,
As his does in mine -
He was my Gramps,
And in my heart he has found eternity.

My Grandfather suffered from alzheimers and I was the only one with him when he passed away about twenty years ago.. I saw him as much as I could up to that point and it just became tougher and tougher right up to the end. I wrote this back then, shortly after he passed. I recently found it and decided to share it. I guess those who you truly love in your life, never really ever leave, thank God, because to this day, I still miss him very much.

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