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My head is spinning
Try not to think too much
But I can't help remembering
The things you said would come

You told me to hear your voice
Every night before I slept
And I did for quite some time
But now I lay down to finally rest

You don't know the things that were done
On top of what you did to me
The pain in my eyes
Held onto for so long

Why couldn't you see?

I was not bad
I was not dirty
She forced it upon me

I loved and I waited on

Just had to make someone see
Invisible me

Now a part lays hidden
A puzzle piece left but unknown
Not even can I uncover
Whether it should be left alone

I tried and I tried
To make others believe
Because they couldn't see
What was going on inside of me

I tried
Oh I tried
To fight
But it didn't end

Because I just wanted someone to love me

Oh please
Higher being
Don't judge as they do
Please, be known

I am just a girl
Who has witnessed too much
I can't forget that lust

Who am I but a girl?
An invisible ghost of me

Parts of me still laying dormant
Parts of me still waiting- to be


Beautiful sister, really, quite beautiful. I have had a few so thats a factor but....first thing to bring a lump to my cynical throat for a while. Bless you.



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