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Celebrities crushes... do u have any? - Lesbian Ladies

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Who is your Celebrity crush? can be lez or bi or straight... doesn't matter.

just share it with us (:

Mine is Kathryn Prescott from Skins.

What about u?


Pink (Alecia Moore). Since I was like... 12 years old. hahaha
Also, Tegan Quin and Piper Perabo (but to a lesser degree).

Only celeb crushes I've ever had. ha


Kristen Stewart. Did you see her in The Runaways? HOLY SHIT. *dies*

Kathryn Moennig, Janina Gavankar, Rose Rollins, Sarah Shahi. EASY.


yeah she was pretty hot there!


Lady gaga!!! I’ll take her bad romance any day! Thought I crush on any hot and talented music artist; Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani, Ke$ha, Shakira, Ciara, I don’t care for Rihanna’s new look, but DAME!


Ciara is one of the hottest chicks I've ever seen. If I could bang her, I totally would. Especially after her "Ride" video.


*thinks* my celeb crush would hav to b Eliza Dushku (HOT)

along with:
mandy musgrave
gabrielle christian
sarah michelle gellat
michelle rodrigez
kristen swart (in Runaways)
Carly Pope


holly marie combs (charmed) amanda seyfried (chloe) haley williams, kate moenning, underage but she is gorgeous selena gomez.


I have too many! XP

Kate Walsh (Addison from Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice)
Olivia Williams (Adelle from Dollhouse)
Karina Lombard (Marina from The L Word)
Giselle Bundchen (purely because of her role as Vanessa in Taxi)
Renee O'Connor (cause yeah I admire Xena, but like all others, I am enamored by the Gabrielle effect! XP)
Alyson Hannigan (Willow from Buffy & Lily in How I Met Your Mother)
Lisa Edelstein (Dr Cuddy from House)
Summer Glau (River from Firefly & Cameron from Sarah Connor Chronicles)
Lena Headey (Luce in Imagine Me & You & Sarah in Sarah Connor Chronicles)
Elizabeth Pena (voiced Mirage in The Incredibles & Agent Lina Reyes in an episode of NCIS, OMG HER VOICE! It's SOOOOO sexy!)
Meredith Eaton (for her dead sexy repartee with House, episode "Merry Little Christmas")
Laura Ramsey (I guess I really liked Olivia in She's The Man)
Michelle Yeoh (Mameha in Memoirs of a Geisha, but I love her for more than that role)
And just one last one cause you might throw me out XP Bette Midler for her role as Winifred Sanderson in Hocus Pocus.... Don't laugh at me! I don't know why but I was totally a sucker for her especially after she sang "I Put A Spell On You"
And yes, I do believe I have a thing for redheads...? Maybe.


Let's see...

Simone Simons (lead singer of Dutch symphonic metal band Epica)

Bonnie Wright (Ginny, from Harry Potter films)

Amy Adams

Katherine Moennig

Evanna Lynch (Luna, from Harry Potter)

Lily Loveless

Kat Prescott

Kaya Scodelario


I have two words for you "drew barrymore" droolicious. Jerry Ryans a very close second.


megan fox!!


wow totally agreed on jessica biel , I just remembered last night before I went to bed another one, leelee sobieski.


my celebrity crush would have to be Hayden Panettiere shes so gorgeous


and the list just keeps getting longer. I think I'm going to have sweet dreams tonight


Sasha Alexander (NCIS and Rizzoli and Isles)
Jessica Biel
Ali Larter (sexy in Obsessed)
Rachel McAdams (The Notebook and Redeye)
Sienna Miller
Charlize Theron
Julia Roberts


I could be here ALL day!!!! LOL


Leslie Bibb
Ashley Greene
alisson Hugan (sp?) (Willow from BTVS)
jennifer aniston
jessica alba
and sooo much more...lol XD


hmm just too many to choose but megan fox fckin gorgeous, rose(the real L word) tyra banks,christina aguilera, sara rodrigues (greys anatomy) ..those are a few of my celeb crushes


hands down, Alyson Michalka. (Keely from Phil of the Future and Aly of Aly & AJ / 78violet).

other lesser crushes
most of the girls on Sick of Sarah.
Kristen Stewart
..and i think that's it... for now LOL


hmmm.....let me see..........
1. Kate Winslet (duh!)
2.Embeth Davitz (the cute female lead from The Bicentennial man)
3. Amy Lee (her voice is super sexy!!!!!)
4.Julia Roberts (Can you resist that smile?)
5. Anne Hathway (again,killer smile )
6.Yeong-ae Lee
7.Michelle Yeoh ( Yes, I have a far east fetish)
There are more....but If I name them it will take 3 weeks to complete the list. So, Ciao!


OMG I'm so stupid! I can't believe I forgot SAOIRSE RONAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have to many to chose from but my top five would have to be

1.Mila Kunis
2.Kate Moennig
3.Olivia Wilde
4.Clemintine Ford
5.Rashida Jones