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weird,creepy stalker types - Lesbian Ladies

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so i log on here and check my inbox only to get hit up by some no photo freak who starts sayin he saw my profile on here and wants me to hit him up on his private email account that he cld "set me straight and be a good man" to me and im like wtf!im gay, i mean this is a gaysite f*ckin freak ass mofo! and oh another thing he was sayin was like he's lookin for a woman he cld take care of and it was just a big f*ckin freak show and all i can say is ladies watch out the gobblins are out!


that's what they call a troll, my friend.





trolls, gobblins i mean mayne they all in da same! they both live under bridges and jump out to eat up the little kids walkin across to goto school!


I had some creep start up a conversation with me on here to. He wanted to know how old I was and where I live.


Ugh same thing happened to me!! This douchebag made a fake profile on here that said he was a bisexual female and then when he messaged me he said he was a 30 year old guy and started hitting on me trying to get me to cyber him...stupid fucker.


i had a guy come up to me as i was leaving "gay days" at disneyland. i was wearing a bright red legalize gay shirt talking to my friend about my then gf. and this dude starts flirting with me
so i tell him im gay
an he gets in my face and starts saying he could change me and how all i needed was a real man
hahahhahahh i couldn stop laughing


lmao i love guys that think they can change lesbians, all they do is make us more gay!


Couldn’t have said it better myself. Stupid male breeders, lol