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Anyone in Burbank CA or Hollywood? - Lesbian Ladies

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Burbank doesn't have...well....any one at all for me to meet and talk to that are also gay, so its hard to meet people you know? Santa Monica Blvd is fun to go to in Hollywood, but there arnt many girls there.
So I was wondering if anyone was in my area that knows where I could go to meet other girls? Sounds really sketchy and desperate I know, but I have to admit its kind of lonely here! I mean out of all my friends (who are female) I'm the only one who likes other girls. The others are all straight. I'm so alone!
And also where can I meat like...butch girls?
Again a weird question but I'm not into the girly girls (yes they are lovely but not my type you know?) And another odd question, how do I get their attention?
I went to Club Rage and walking down the street I only managed to get one girl to look at me since Iv never tried before.

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