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a poem for your enjoyment and enterpretation. - Writers Nook

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Overcast life not worth the open eyes
I need to rise above these clouds and lies
It's overgrown and overdone
This way we go about
With chapels and tradition,
Rituals and true religion,
Why do we not fear these things?
Tornadoes in the making,
Tsunami waves breaking;
Is it ever worth it all?

God wouldn't want this,
God would'nt want this,
God woul'dnt want this,
God wou'ldnt want this:

Hideous mistakes and earthquakes.
Man has made a mess
With blood and broken glass
And crusaders in the rain.
Overthrow the superficial
Revolt yourself from overlords:
Floods in the making,
Covenants breaking,
Why do we not fear these things?
Is it ever worth it all?


Excellant reminds me of Slam poetry. I can see someone reciting this in a dark nook in the back of some small coffee shop. Do you post elsewhere?



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