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Sexiest Lesbians are on Second Life - Lesbian Ladies

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So I've been using this like role-playing program for about a month or so now and I love it!!!! I am a dancer at clubs and I host events at this as well. I have found that some of thee sexiest lesbians are on there! If you have IMVU, you need to get off of it and get Second Life. You can do sooooo much more. So go ahead and download it today and have some fun! It's also perfect when you just need a getaway. Instead of playing some game that gets boring after a while, get on Second Life and connect with people from all around the world. Go to places in the world that you wish you could go in Real Life. Sooooo, who wants to be my Second Life friend for life??? www.secondlife.com my name on there is LeiLani Woodside. Add me when you get there and send me an im! Can't wait to see you guys there!

Oh yeah! I will definitely be your tour guide if needed!


so they basically turned sims into an mmorpg? Is this something you have to log onto everyday? It seems interesting...I will research and consider