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Seekin some friends in Austin - Gay Guys! <3

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Hello new friends,

Am staying at the Holiday Inn in Austin there : 6000 Middle Fisk Road.

Looking for some fun guys that live close to tell where the good places to go to party with folks like us. Or if you know of any good Gay Bars close by......maybe interested in a date.....



hi guy. it a beautiful day here in johnston city ill . i have been a bad girl this weeks i have went out every night this week i have had sex with about ten different great hot gay men .god i love it mot bad for a seven years old gay crossdresser . i just kove to have hot sex . i an botton all the way and i love it all size the bigger the beter it is i love big cock


Haha, gotta say that's so adorable. I love cross dressers. If I wanted boobs I'd totally go there but I already have fuckin back problems. ^.^ Still I'm a cute lil tranny, all the same.