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Is it better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all? - Lesbian Ladies

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I am currently pondering this question avidly. Recently, my idiocy blinded me from what was truly important in life. I did so many things I shouldn't have, and in the process, completely ignored the one person in my life who I should have clung to. She was so amazing and special to me, and still is. But, as expected, she wants nothing more to do with me. I am understanding of that fact, yet I would give anything to right the wrongs and magically make her love me again. That will never happen.
So I ask you, is it better for me to have fallen hopelessly in love, then have a selfish phase for two months and lose her, or to have never fallen in love in the first place? I fully recognize the fact that I could have reversed the situation, but I was foolish and naive. Realization hit me too late. I lost the one person who I have truly loved in my life, thanks to stupid decisions, marajuana, and alchohol. I have decided to stop those things, and still cling to the foolish hope that this woman will come back to me.... I don't expect it.


sweetie u r only human, we can never foresee what our actions will result in...and sometimes going through hurt like missing out on sum1 remarkable humbles u and opens your eyes. It is always better to have loved and lost...to know that feeling of genuinely being in love and caring or sum1 so fully...do we realize that life is more than about ourself. My motto is 'What will be...will be" just keep trying to be a better you....and love will find its way back to u...or maybe u will find another u can give yourself to and learn from your mistakes. don't give up on love.


I beleive to fall in love was better then never to have done it in your life. To know what it is,is bettter then to feel nothing empty and sorrow. To love and lost is better then to never love at all just remeber that and if she smart she will love you again.


honestly if you want this girl you need to keep fighting for her until theres no more reason to fight. this girl will eventually see that u have truly changed and she may want you back. things may look down right now but just realize that if things dont work out she is probably a stepping stone into something better and things always seem to get worse before they get better. they're all cliches' but both of them are almost always true. at least for me. and if you want to know any experiences just message me and i have just the one for you. =]


to tell you ive bben in the same thing and she did even know who i was .i was invisible but to me she was an angel and shy me didn't say a word.hopeless your not i am...


i've wondered the same thing lately.....it hurts so bad in the end. i don't know if its worth the hurt.