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this poem will cheer no-one up lol, i love a bit of gloom, very cleansing! - Writers Nook

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i found this poem i wrote years ago. i was sat in a car park because i didn't want to go home and wrote it on the back of a speeding ticket lol. i was attempting to work out in my head why i was still having sex with someone i was trying desparately to leave. When i used to do men, the sex was usually the first casualty of a failing relationship. With women, for me anyway, it seems to be the very last thing to go, if it ever really does go. Why is that....

The End

I watch her pop another E
Then light a cigarette.
Her damp black hair and sweaty face
Turn all my thoughts to sex.

True my love you’re rough as fuck
But I’m no Cinderella
Pass that gin – crawl here to me
Cos Babe…
i'm getting mellow

She stares me out with hard sad eyes
And whets my appetite for power
She calls it sick
I call it grief
Maybe even sorrow

Here she comes
A pretty mouth
With a kiss so fucking sour
What a quiet end…my love

Was this love of ours!


I agree wholeheartidly. Gloom is good. If you have to get it out poetry is the best way to go. Love the imagery this brings.


thank you :-)


Whoa dam nthat was goood! i loved it =]

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