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Scene 26: The Brutal Comeback

(Arantir helps Ornella onto the dragon then jumps on himself they fly away.
Looking down Ornella sees Errling’s army.)

Ornella: Arantir! What’s that?

Arantir: Looks like people.

Ornella: What kind?

Arantir: I don’t know let’s get a closer look. (He pulls out a telescope) Here use

(Ornella peers through the telescope and realizes its Errling’s men.)

Ornella: Arantir we have to go back to Ditana!

Arantir: What for?

Ornella: It’s Errling.

Arantir: He’s trying to ruin our wedding day.

Ornella: What should we do?

Arantir: Hold on tight. We’re going back to Ditana.

(Ornella grabs Arantir around the waist. They fly back to warn the others who were still partying.)

Arantir: (Bursting through the door) People. People. Lend me your ears. We are about to be under attack. I want all who choose to come to gear up and

Giovanni: My lord what are you talking about?

Arantir: Errling is coming. There isn’t much time. We must ready for battle.

Giovanni: You heard the man ready yourselves!

(People Scatter to get ready)

Arantir: Ornella you stay here with Deirdre.

Ornella: No I’m coming with you.

Arantir: Very well. Have Deirdre take you to the armor I was making you.

Ornella: I will.

(Deirdre takes Ornella to the Vault. There Deirdre explains the armor.)

Deirdre: This armor will keep you in complete safety. This will allow you to jump higher and making you much stronger.

Ornella: How does it do that?

Deirdre: It has been charmed by golden blood.

Ornella: What is golden blood?

Deirdre: It is a very sacred spell known only to Necromancers. It is used to
make any armor or blade indestructible and impervious.

Ornella: I see.

Deirdre: Yes this armor was crafted just for you. Arantir made it himself.

Ornella: He did?

Deirdre: Indeed. Suit up. We leave in one hour.

Ornella: What of my weapon?

Deirdre: It is part of your armor. Clench you fists.

(Ornella gears up and clenches her fists and two blades come out of the wrist)

Ornella: Wow.

Deirdre: Yes. Let’s go.

(Arantir, Ornella, Jezebeth, Orlando, Giovanni, and Deirdre await Errling arrival
at Ditana.)

Arantir: Ornella If anything happens to me do not bring me back.

Ornella: But!

Arantir: No! You will not bring me back.

Ornella: How can I not? I love you. I don’t want to lose you.

Arantir: If you truly loved me you would keep do as I wish.

Ornella: Just don’t leave me I couldn’t go on with my life.

Arantir: I will try as hard as I can. I make no guarantees.

Deirdre: Sir what shall we do with your body should we lose you?

Arantir: Leave it. All the others who die in this battle take back into the walls
and go to their families.

Deirdre: Aye Sir.

Giovanni: My lord it has been an honor serving with you.

Arantir: And I you.

Jezebeth: Look, over the horizon. It’s Errling!

(Errling, Duncan, Isabel, and Freyda arrive on horseback. Errling speaks)

Errling: We will take your daughter back.

Duncan: I have the utmost faith in your abilities.

Isabel: As do I.

Errling: Thank you. Freyda you know what to do.

Freyda: Aye sir. Find Ornella and take her back.

Errling: Good girl.

Duncan: Errling I am terribly sorry this had to happen.

Errling: No apologies necessary.

Isabel: Duncan.

Duncan: Yes dear.

Isabel: Be safe.

Duncan: I make no promises.

Errling: Are we ready?

Duncan, Isabel, Freyda: Aye sir.

Errling: CHARGE!!!!

(Errling and his troops run toward Arantir and his troops.)

Arantir: Forward troops!

(The two armies collide. Errling is fighting Arantir. Isabel is fighting Deirdre. Duncan is fighting Giovanni. Freyda is fighting Ornella. Orlando and Jezebeth work their way to the archers and catapults.)

Errling: So you little punk. Do you really think that you are a match for my army?

Arantir: I do in fact have great warriors on my side. We aren’t giving up without a fight.

Errling: But you are much like your father. He didn’t have any idea that he was
going down.

Arantir: I have no doubts.

Errling: Good. That just means I can kill you much easier.

Arantir: You may try.

Errling: You will fall as your father did.

Arantir: (Outraged) You will die and I will enjoy killing you.

(To Giovanni and Duncan)

Duncan: You creature of the dark. It was your fault that Ornella fell for that idiot.

Giovanni: Creature? I am more of a father to her than you are.

Duncan: Lies!

Giovanni: You should here the way she talks of you and your wife.

Duncan: Silence!!!

(Duncan is outraged and pulls his blade back cutting off Giovanni’s head.
Deirdre witnesses this.)

Deirdre: GIOVANNI!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!

Isabel: That’s one less of you on the battlefield.

Deirdre: I will not kill you. But I will destroy your ability to move.

(Deirdre Casts a paralyzing spell on Isabel. Isabel drops to the ground unable to move. Deirdre runs over to Giovanni’s body.)

Deirdre: (In full tears) Giovanni! My husband!

(Arantir and Errling overhear.)

Errling: Ha listen to her scream.

Arantir: You… You… You killed my best friend.

(Arantir casts slow on Errling)

Arantir: Dergine!

Errling: What’s going on?

Arantir: You now move slower than you would normally.

(Arantir runs over to Deirdre who is kneeling on the floor.)

Arantir: Deirdre, get up! Get up Deirdre!

Deirdre: I can’t! Not without Giovanni!

Arantir: You must. I will do everything in my power to resurrect him. Now Go!

(Deirdre is picked up by two Wraiths and carried inside the walls of Ditana.)

Arantir: Giovanni I will bring you back. CURATIO!!!!!!!

(A bright light is dispersed from the two bodies. The light fades. Giovanni’s
body is gone.)

Arantir: No. No! NO!

(Arantir drops his head thinking the body had incinerated. He begins to cry.
Arantir feels a hand on his shoulder)

Giovanni: Thank you my friend. I may now help you.

Arantir: (With tears in his eyes) Giovanni?! You’re alive!

Giovanni: Thanks to you my friend.

Arantir: Let’s kill this bastard.

Giovanni: Let’s

(Freyda and Ornella are fighting)

Freyda: Ornella I’m just trying to help.

Ornella: Help what? Make my life miserable again?

Freyda: No! Help save you from the dark creatures.

Ornella: They aren’t creatures they’re my friends?

Freyda: Friends?! They kidnapped you. They took you from your family.

Ornella: And I’m thankful they did.

Freyda: You would choose them over family?

Ornella: Yes!

Freyda: Thank god they will all be dead.

Ornella: Sister or not. I will kill you.

Freyda: You wouldn’t?

Ornella: Wouldn’t I? Santharia!!

(Ornella casts a massive gust of wind toward Freyda. Freyda is knocked back. Ornella moves toward her with blade to her throat.)

Freyda: Ornella. Don’t!

(Ornella Takes the sword back)

Freyda: Thank you

(Ornella turns and slices Freyda’s chest. Freyda falls. Back at Errling. The slow spell has worn off.)

Errling: Finally. I can move.

Arantir: You won’t be for long.

Errling: Ha-ha you may have gotten that spell in but you won’t be able to get any others in.

Arantir: Watch me.

(They begin to battle once more. Giovanni runs inside the walls of Ditana to

Giovanni: Deirdre. Deirdre where are you?

Deirdre: Giovanni!? Is that you?

Giovanni: Yes Deirdre. I am alive.

(Deirdre runs into Giovanni’s arms.)

Deirdre: I thought I lost you.

Giovanni: You won’t ever lose me again.

Deirdre: Thank you.

Giovanni: There is something of great importance that happen though.

Deirdre: What is it?

Giovanni: Arantir’s father.

Deirdre: What of him?

Giovanni: He was brought back as well.

Deirdre: You mean?

Giovanni: Yes.

(Back to the fight between Errling and Arantir)

Errling: That was a great showing of skills. But it won’t be enough.

Arantir: I will kill you to avenge my father.

(An arrow is shot into Errling’s shoulder.)

Errling: (Looking at his shoulder) What’s this!? (Touching the arrow) An arrow!? (At Arantir) Who!?

(Arantir and Errling look off into the distance to see Arantir’s father, Markaal.
Markaal is on a white horse holding a bow in one hand and a mighty glowing
blade in the arrow.)

Errling: What?! How can this be?!

Arantir: Father?

(Markaal rides up on his horse to greet his son)

Arantir’s Father: Hello son. I have missed you.

Arantir: Father. How?

Markaal: You must have had me on the mind as well as Giovanni.

Arantir: I did I apologize father.

Markaal: Do not fret my child. Shall we handle this menace as father and son?

Arantir: Yes father.

Markaal: Well Errling Long time no see.

Errling: Markaal! How can you be back?

Markaal: That’s all my son’s doing.

Errling: I will kill you once more.

Markaal: Try killing the both of us.

Arantir: Errling I will take you down.

Errling: Good luck.

(They fight again. Arantir falls. Ornella hears his scream and runs to assist)

Ornella: Arantir! You are injured.

Arantir: It’s ok.

Ornella: No you’re hurt.

Arantir I’m fine leave me be. Take down Errling.

Ornella: I told you I’m not leaving your side.

Errling: Ha that’s pathetic he is as weak as you are Markaal.

(Errling casts a thunder bolt into the wall that Arantir and Ornella are by
causing it to crumble.)

Errling: Tengwa!

(The wall crumbles Arantir uses gust to move Ornella out of the way.)

Arantir: Santharia!!

(The debris lands on Arantir)

Ornella: Arantir!!!!!!!! NO!!!

Markaal: My son!! Why?

Errling: See how weak he. He is worse than you Markaal.

(Ornella is in TOTAL ANGER. She clenches her fists and strikes and Errling)

Errling: Wow. Looks like little Ornella is all grown up.

Ornella: You killed my husband and now I’m going to kill you!

Errling: Bring it on little one.

(Ornella and Errling begin to fight. Ornella stabs Errling in the heart. They are
close together. Ear to ear)

Errling: You have vanquished me?

Ornella: (Whispering) I’ll let Arantir take care of you.

(Ornella pulls the blade from his chest. Errling falls to the ground and dies.

Ornella drops to her knees and cries.)

Markaal: You have done us a great deed. What is your name child?

Ornella: I am Ornella. I was your son’s wife.

Markaal: Well Ornella, he is gone.

Ornella: I know. He told me not to bring him back.

Markaal: Like father like son.

Ornella: I’d like to go back to Ditana now.

Markaal: I will escort you child.

Scene 26: The ending

(Ornella is going to be crowned Queen in the ceremony)

Markaal: As the former King of death I bestow this crown upon Queen Ornella.

(Everyone Cheers.)

Ornella: As my first decree I would like to unite the northern and southern lands.

Duncan: Darling it would be an honor.

(People cheer again)

Markaal: I’d like to make a toast. To my son. Arantir. May he rest in peace.

Ornella: To Arantir, the love of my love.

Everyone in the room: To Arantir.

(Everyone Drinks. Duncan Pulls Ornella aside)

Duncan: Ornella Thank you for bringing your sister back.

Ornella: Of course father I couldn’t really kill her.

Duncan: She is much happier now that Errling is out of the picture.

Ornella: I know.

Duncan: Something troubles you?

Ornella: Daddy I miss him.

Duncan: Everyone does.

Ornella: No! He was my love.

Duncan: I understand. But he’s gone now.

Ornella: I know.

Duncan: Ok. I’m going to take your mother and sister back home.

Ornella: Goodbye daddy.

(Later that night Ornella walks to the balcony wearing Arantir’s robe, she reaches the balcony and climbs up. She jumps, Deirdre walks into the room as she jumps.)

Deirdre: (Running to the Balcony) Ornella!! NO! (Stepping back) GIOVANNI!!

Giovanni: What is it?

Deirdre: (Hysterical) She jumped!!

Giovanni: Who?

Deirdre: Ornella!!

Giovanni: What? NO?

Deirdre: YES!

Giovanni: Ornella, why? You had two children!

Deirdre: What about the children?

Giovanni: They will stay with their grandparents in Flammshrien.

Deirdre: Ill go alert the kingdom!

Giovanni: Ill take the children and go tell her family.

(Giovanni leaves)

Deirdre: Ornella, why?

(Deirdre leaves. The next evening they hold a funeral for Ornella.)

(Credits role and after the credits we see the rubble where Arantir is buried. A Hand bursts out of the rubble.)

The End


Really good. i dont have much experience of playright so feel free to ignore me. i think you write in an pacey and exciting manner and am not knocking the content. To imagine the characters i would like to see some emotional descriptions of them. Actors looking at a script would favour this too. I really enjoyed it and sci-fi not really my thing either. Im amazed at the level of writing on this site. Gay people have all the talent and thats for sure.


thank yew... i wrote this in all of three months so im still adding all the little things like that.... but thank yew so much

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