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Scene 2: The Promise

(Duncan and Freyda are waiting outside Isabel and Duncan’s room)

Duncan: now Freyda you are going to have to take care of your little sibling.

Freyda: ok daddy.

(Doctor bursts through the door; Duncan stands)

Duncan: Well what happen?

Doctor: It’s a girl and she’s waiting to see you inside.

Duncan: Thank you doctor, your services are no longer required. Come Freyda.

(Duncan and Freyda enter the bedroom)

Isabel: Duncan, she is beautiful.

Duncan: She sure is. Freyda, come meet your baby sister…Ornella.

(Three knocks on the door, Errling enters)

Errling: Duncan, I need a word with you.

Duncan: Yes Errling, what is it?

Errling: Is there a place we can talk in private.

Duncan: How about the balcony?

Errling: Very well.

(They walk to the balcony; Duncan closes the door)

Errling: Duncan, my good friend, do you remember what we discussed the
last time we met?

Duncan: (sigh) Yes.

Errling: Good. Good. Now what is it?

Duncan: She is a girl.

Errling: And her name?

Duncan: Ornella.

Errling: Ornella. Hmm I like it.

Duncan: Well I’m glad.

Errling: When is the wedding?

Duncan: On her eighteenth birthday.

Errling: Very well. Have you told Isabel?

Duncan: No.

Errling: Well you should and cheer up my good man your daughter is getting
married in eighteen years.

Duncan: Yes I know.

Errling: I must leave now. Farewell.

(Errling exits and says goodbye to the rest of the family; Isabel hands Ornella to the nurse and walks toward Duncan who is still on the balcony)

Isabel: (rubbing Duncan’s shoulder) Oh, my husband, why are you frowning
on such a gorgeous day? You are father to a new child.

Duncan: (Looks over the balcony deep in thought) Yes I know.

Isabel: then why must you be sad?

Duncan: Errling.

Isabel: What did he say?

Duncan: It is not what he said, it is what I said.

Isabel: Well then what did you say?

Duncan: (Sigh) I promised him that he would marry Ornella.

Isabel: But, why would you do that?

Duncan: I haven’t told you everything but I almost died five months ago. If it weren’t for Errling I wouldn’t be here talking to you.

Isabel: So in exchange for him saving your life you gave him the right to marry Ornella.

Duncan: Yes… I understand if you are angry. (looks down)

Isabel: I am a little upset but it will pass. The good thing is that you are alive to witness both of your amazing daughters grow up.

Duncan: Yeah...

Isabel: Something else troubles you. What is it?

Duncan: That mark on Ornella’s shoulder.

Isabel: What about it?

Duncan: It doesn’t look like THE MARK to you?

Isabel: Now that I think about it, yes it does. You don’t think…

Duncan: I do. We must make sure she doesn’t leave the city. Ever.


Suspenseful for sureeeeee!! keep em coming!


well i gotta... my public is requestin em

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