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looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Gay Guys! <3

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What you see is what you get,Im 5 10 tall, slim 30"w 38"c,9 stone.blue eyes.spikey hair,from middlesbrough,Looking for fun friendship but hopefully for a relationship again im wishing.Im a Friendly & Fun guy when u get to know me.

Was married 26 years but came out year 2000, got 2 sons im proud of.but more happy now the way i am living,out in the open, but would be nice to have a guy in my life.


Hi I am looking for friend in my life too but I can't find one I am 46 year old 5ft4' 180 pound blue eyes very hairy and good looking. lets talk more and go from there.


Hmmm, short, hairy, good weight, blue eyes (my knees just gave out from under me). I just turned 45, I've been single now for a fair bit of time. I was in an LTR for a good chunk of time and just recently decided to attempt getting back out there and try to meet someone around my own age. It's not easy and the dating game has changed, significantly. You know your old when, you enter into a gay bar/club/disco and you feel, totally out of place! You attempt to dance and your moves are as outdated as bell bottoms and platform shoes! Or you hit on some hottie and later find out "he's gay for pay"... ok, you're either gay period and for pay? I don't think so. I'll use my hand, it's safer and much cheaper too!. I guess I'm more for the same age group. I need a fella who's not into all that junk and is more keen on doing things that don't require a night bouncing on a dance floor. I'm not big on busy night clubs, large crowds (unless it's gay pride) and I'm more comfortable staying home and cuddling or even taking a nice walk, holding my partners hand... even making out discreetly somewhere. I am a supporter of P.S.A, as long as it's discreet. There is so much more to me, I don't want to turn this into a novel but, you caught my attention Mr. McGibbon, so my question is, are you interested in getting to know me a bit more? You know how to find me.