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a poem written on an early morning train. - Poetry Group

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a series of questions, suggestions, crimes and confessions? our dreams that propel us, a consuming contagious fear in our heads? the things that we've said? how we define what we'll question in time. how we decided and how we were lead.
or changes.
those that we cause, those we accept. those we awake to, when we noticed we've slept. we may have rejoiced. we may have wept. we are all haunted. we may try to hide it, deny it, forget it or flaunt it. these trials can break us as we drop pieces of ourselves here and there. i know i've spared. you care to share?
we cant live by faults. not all dreams are nightmares. you can find some good. anywhere. dig in yourself. through your doubts. through your submission and cries for help. but of course, you wont find it that easy. like everyone else. there are no straight lines, perfect crimes. this is life, one question you cannot define. savor it, take your hits with a smile.
no one has enough time.

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