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I shall cry no more tears for you, my dear.
My eyes have dried up and yet still I fear,
That no other person will they look on,
With such a love, from times that have now gone.
For you, my love, the heart beats with no end,
With more than a longing to be a friend.
I wish to hold you close, here by my side,
And in your times of struggle be the guide,
Who helps you through the darkest of your days,
To see the light you shine in countless ways.

I am not who you want or what you need,
So I must let you go, let you be free,
From apologising at every turn.
I must move on with life and I must learn,
To let go of my heart, I need to see,
That there is someone out there just for me.
Someone who feels the same way that I do,
Loves me for being me and being true.
A person for me to spoil and adore,
To love, hold and cherish for evermore.

So no more tears for you will there be shed,
For nothing can be done, or nothing said,
To change the feelings that you have for me,
But staying friends is what we both agree.
I hope we stay in touch and don't forget
The times we both have shared since we first met.
I've cried, you've ranted, and we've had a laugh
Now life has set us on another path.
Please remember that although we're apart,
That you'll always have a place in my heart.


Nice touch, Iona. Writing poetry does take time. I've done a few myself. Some has taken me a tad, with many re-writes. This poem is a nice way to let someone know that even though they were set free, they won't be to far, from your thoughts and have long since, retained a spot in one's heart.


it's beautiful, and i think carries heavy emotion as well as a good message, i loved it =)

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