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my girlfriend and I have both had sex with other people before but when we try to do it now, it doesn't seem to work. whats the best position and easiest way?


uh oh! i find sex a bit less textbook than that. The only reason i can think of for it not working out for you is that perhaps you and your girl aren't in the right headspace. Don't focus too hard on the moves you feel should be executing, that will only take you away from the moment ....
experiment and explore, what feels good is different for everyone.


thank you. but we weren't to worried because in the past we were both never the dominate partner, we were just curios and sex isn't a huge thing to us. but thank you for your input. (:


just try different things that may work for u.. cuz things that work for us maynot work for u. but if all else fails..toys are the way to go