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Lost Alone? - Lesbian Ladies

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do you like rock/punk music? do you like anime and manga? do you like animals? do you like gaming?

do you feel like one of those few lesbians who is faithful but cant ever find a faithful, caring, romantic, decent looking girlfriend?

join the club.

so many lesbians on this site, but do any of them take the time and effort? or do we have to lower our standards to whoever talks to us the most?

i dont want to give up on what i am looking for, i dont want to lie to myself and date a girl who i am not really happy with, thats wrong to myself and to that girl.

im honest, i dont like butch-looking girls, or overweight girls.. or ugly ugly girls.. call me shallow or what you will, but i cant force myself to like them just for the sake of not being shallow.

i just want a nice girl, a nice relationship, affection, love, im not fussed about sex, to me that comes a few months later on when things are solid and working out well between us.

i dont want to rush into sex and have my body used by someone unfaithful, its disrespectful to let that happen to yourself, just because we are a minority, doesnt mean we should lower our standards and give up on our morals.

i can only be devoted to one person, once i am hooked i dont see anyone else as attractive, i dont get tempted to anyone else. i am 100% loyal.

im on this site, no lesbians near me, many around the world, more than likely never going to be able to meet up with any of them..

why am i here? wishful thinking i suppose. why are you still reading all this right now? because you like what i say? or because you want to tell me off for being this way?

its up to you.

byebye x


I can see where you're coming from. I don't like someone just to not seem shallow because that's not going to garauntee that I have a faithful relationship. And I also agree with sex shouldn't be the main focus of a relationship. It should come after you've seen all the sides of the person you're with. That way you can make a decision that hopefully won't lead to regret.
And yes, I like rock,anime,animals,and gaming.

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