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Lesbians let's make friends! - Writers Nook

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Why is it that most gay men have more lesbian friends than their own kind? I seem to have a much better time when I'm out with them. Some fags are to uptight, spend more time in the bathroom, primping themselves. My lesbian friends don't give a flying frak! If they look good, that's all that matters.


hahahaha.... okay well I have no male gay friends and you seem just wahat i need to brighten up my day! cos i as you female peers don't give a F_ck... having fun and being with those i love is all that matters! did not know that abt gay guys... but I will do dome reseach and find out!.... until then you better b my friend... and for your safety we will start on here! lol


I read that and chuckled... My lesbian friends are a hoot! They're always scoping out guys that they think, is my type and, vise versa. When they get on my ass cuz I'm dragging my heels, then I know it's time to wake up and move up to the table. My life is so much richer, having my lesbian friends in it. Our worlds are not that different. Fags understand PMS, since some of us suffer from it too! Trust me, we've been known to be bitches and when our cycles match, no one is safe! :P =)