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Greetings All :) - The Gay Christian Network

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Hi there.

I'm new to the group AND new to gays.com. Great to find a facebook-like forum for us.

I don't have any friends on here as of yet, so please feel free to check out my profile and if you would like to know more about me just ask.




Welcome to the group and blessings from Singapore. hope to know you more and where you come from. Much love in the grace of God. Pray for us and all that needed your prayers.

In Christ Name


Welcome Thomas (and Geoffrey)

Yes I am a Canadian, a self-employed Music Therapist however I worked in Richmond, TX (25 miles s/w of Houston) for seven years as a music therapist and/or Director of Music Therapy at a state school located in Richmond.

I returned home to Canada in January, 2006. I still receive more email per day from my friends in Texas than I do from all other contacts put together (except for SPAM, of course).

I have been around a little while more than you (31 years more) and have been organist/ Choirmaster or Director of music in various Churches in Canada and the United States since I was seventeen years old. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. My personal email address is brian@2ns4u.com


Greetings, I am John and would like to say hi as well so "hi". I am a grad student in Idaho, USA.


Thank you all for your willingness to form a online gay Christian community.

I have actually heard some gay people say that you cannot be a Christian and gay at the same tie.

But Jesus never said a word against homosexuality, not that was ever recorded in the bible.

A good gay church or gay friendly church is a place to meet good people and make some friends.

Maybe even meet a partner.

Life is rough and it's rather hard to get through it without a friend or partner.

The pastor of the church I go to is gay and so are several members of the congregation even (though it's not a gay church).

Most people who go there really don't care about your orientation.

They are just looking for some company, some love and encouragement.

Someone to laugh with, pray with, etc.

Take care all,

Joe in Honolulu


Hey All,
I'm a Gay man and a new convert to the Roman Catholic Church, I pray that God will continue to bless you all and to show you his love and mercy.

In the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord


Hi all. I am a lesbian from Minnesota. I am happy this group exist. It is hard to find others with a faith and a different orientation than straight were i come from.



There are a lot of gay people of faith. In fact, there are millions of us.

I have a friend from Bemidgie, another from Duluth and yet another from Hibbing.

I went to Minneapolis a couple of years ago and there was an Episcopal Church in the downtown area that had a large Gay Pride flag on display in front of the church.

The Episcopals are open to ordaining women and have even ordained a gay bishop.

I hope you have found a church home where the church accepts gays as equals.

Joe in Honolulu


I also am new to this site, my name is Marianne, I work the graveyard shift at a call center in Tucson, AZ, I'm 52, have just come out to family and friends, but not at work. I have met a wonderful lady and we are in love! I have found a gay-friendly church and feel truly blessed at this stage of my life, yours in Christ, Marianne

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