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First time you "got off" - Lesbian Ladies

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I noticed a lot of feed on the discussion "your first time with a woman" so I thought this might get some attention too. your first time your unsure of what to do. so I am guessing most don't have their first orgasm their first time. so I was thinking you could discuss the first time you actually felt an orgasm with another girl. or the first time you felt another girl have an orgasm. either or even both. did you know you were about to? how did it feel when it happened? how did you feel after? what was running through your head?

I will start first.

I had had sex plenty of times before. since I was 14. the first time I had an orgasm was just last november. I had turned 18 two months earlier. it was right before I was gonna head to work so about 7:30 in the morning. her dads girlfriend was right across the room and we were on the couch under the blankets. it was the first time we were gonna have sex. I couldn't tell her no anymore. I knew something was coming but I wasn't sure what it was. then it happened and it was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt. afterwards I had to rush off to work. I could barely stand up. she says I was also glowing which apparently I do after every time. I got to work and didn't stop smiling all day.

so come on ladies lets hear the stories =]


My ex girlfriend and I were trying to have a quicky before her mom came home . So pushedher n the floor and started eating her out. After about five minutes I stopped and she started shaking uncontrolably. lol I asked her if she was having a seizure and she was like no that just felt soooo good. lol


T he first time i had an orgasm, was w my gf it was our first time having sex while she was still pleasing me my body started to shake so she looked up at me an smilled but it felt so good but the funny thing that happend afterwards was her mom walked in an i had this look on my face like woww she just walked back out me an my ex just looked at each other. the good thing is that her mother never said any thing about it.


It seems like lesbians wait for the mother leave to do things lol


ive never had one but my ex had one the very 1st time